The Tinies is now available on Amazon

The Tinies - Land of Fright #28The Tinies

A beleaguered office worker encounters a strange alien armada in the sub-basement of his office building.


This horror short story is now available on Amazon.

Dung Beetles available now on Amazon

Millions of Tiny Flying Saucers

At first, he had difficulty comprehending what he was seeing, but then things started to take shape and come into focus. He stared into some kind of interstellar space. There were hundreds of vessels lined up in a row right near his head. It looked like some kind of armada was assembled. He looked into the distance and saw row after row after row of the vessels. He thought they were miles away because they were so small, but then realized they were only a few feet away from him.

And then he realized he wasn’t able to breathe. He jerked his head back out of the portal, gasping for a breath. He panted for a few moments, getting his breathing under control. What the hell was that? An alien invasion force? It looked like there were tens of thousands of them. Hundreds of thousands. Maybe even millions. He couldn’t tell. The endless space was filled with them, stretching into the distance as far as he could see. Millions of tiny flying saucers.

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