Terrorstory #39 – Memory Market

Land of Fright Terrorstory #39: Memory Market.Memory Market

The cryptic process of memory storage in the human brain has been decoded and now memories are bought and sold in the memory market. But with every legitimate commercial endeavor there comes a black market, and the memory market is no exception…

This horror short story is now available on Amazon.

Memory Market is available now on Amazon

The Black Market For Memories

The black market for memories was a scary place. What was really scary to Paulo was how pristine and pure the whole place looked, despite what was being sold here. Everything was polished and shiny, chrome and whiteness, gleaming with cleanness. Yet he knew many of the memory sticks sold here contained dark and horrible things, twisted and macabre activities, heinous events and horrid crimes, terrible tragedies, and the pain-filled end to many lives. So what are you doing here? he wondered again. God, he hated this business. He hated everything about it, yet he couldn’t stay away. Nobody could stay away from the memory sticks anymore. Everyone in the world seemed addicted to them. Yeah, but most of them stick to the legal memories. The happy family memories. The adventurous travel memories. The triumphant sports memories. The movie star memories. The sex memories. Oh, but not you. No. You’re never happy with what normal people do. You always gotta have more. You’re here because you are a sick, twisted fuck.


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