Terrorstory #4 – End of the Rainbow


End of the Rainbow - Land of Fright Terrorstory #4End of the Rainbow

In Medieval England, a warrior and his woman find the end of a massive rainbow that has filled the sky.


This horror short story is now available on Amazon.

End of the Rainbow available now on Amazon

He Looked Up At The Rainbow

“What about the tournament?” Landrial asked as she shouldered her leather pack. “We’re supposed to be in Northshire before sunset.” She sheathed her sword. She jingled the leather pouch tied at her waist. The few meager coins inside barely made a sound. “We’re due for some victories.”

“There will always be more tournaments.” He looked up at the rainbow. The bright band of color was incredibly close, as if the shimmering end of it was no more than a quarter mile away. “But I don’t think we’ll ever see something like this again in our lives.”

Landrial nodded.


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