Terrorstory #26 – Out of Ink

Out of Ink - Land of Fright #26Out of Ink

Colonists on a remote planet resort to desperate measures to ward off an attack from wild alien animals.


This horror short story is now available on Amazon.

Out of Ink available now on Amazon

We Can’t Wait

“It breached the fence.” Tyrell turned to Frendel. “It breached the fence.” His face was etched with incredulous disbelief. And the beginnings of real fear.

Frendel nodded. “It’s the third time I’ve seen it.”

“The third time?”

Frendel said nothing. The warriors were doing a valiant job, but he knew they would soon be overwhelmed without reinforcements. The time to act was now.

Tyrell looked at Frendel. “We can’t wait.”

Frendel nodded.


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