Terrorstory #37 – The Candy Striper and the Captain

Land of Fright Terrorstory #37: The Candy Striper and the Captain.The Candy Striper and the Captain

American WWII soldiers in the Philippines scare superstitious enemy soldiers with corpses they dress up to look like vampire victims. The vampire bites might be fake, but what comes out of the jungle is not…

This horror short story is now available on Amazon.

The Candy Striper and the Captain is available now on Amazon

Scared For Their Eternal Souls

Those Jap soldiers out in the Philippine jungles, they were scared for real. Scared for their eternal souls, which was far worse to them than being scared about dying from a bullet from an M1 or a Springfield, or dying from the stabbing slash of a trench knife. The flesh and bone of your body eventually rots away to nothing no matter how you die, but your eternal soul goes on forever. Even their macho bushido code couldn’t protect them from the everlasting dishonor and damnation from a vampire’s bite.

We used nails the first time on a Jap that was dead a few days. We had to dress up the holes and smear some blood around them to give them that authentic touch, but they looked pretty good after we were done. We decorated him real nice. Greely was too scared to do it. He didn’t have the stomach for desecrating the dead. Me? I didn’t give a shit. Not after what those Japanese savages did to McDowd and Valentino. You ever see a man with his dick cut off and shoved into his mouth? I have. More than once. No, I had no problem at all picking up a rusty nail and stabbing a few holes into that dead Jap’s neck to simulate a vampire’s bite. No problem at all.


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