Terrorstory #20 – Day of the Hoppers


Day of the Hoppers - Land of Fright Terrorstory #20Day of the Hoppers

Two boys flee for their lives when their friendly neighborhood grasshoppers turn into deadly projectiles.


This horror short story is now available on Amazon.

Day of the Hoppers available now on Amazon

I Got Blood In My Eyes!

Splaat! Craack! Two more sharp explosions rang out. He looked at the fence to his left, seeing two more bright red smears marring the white pickets. A whistling sound grew louder and he instinctively raised his shield towards his head. Another projectile struck the shield on the upper edge of the lid, jarring it loose from his grip.


That was Roger, calling to him from Roger’s backyard. Greg clutched at the fallen shield, raising it back up to protect his body.

More projectiles whistled past his head. He felt one brush against his pant leg, just barely missing him. He heard multiple splatters against the fence behind him.


He turned toward the sound of his friend’s urgent voice. He saw Roger huddled in his yard next store, crouched down behind several large potted plants. Red splatters dotted the area all around him. “Over here!” Greg shouted to him.

“Something hit me in the head! I got blood in my eyes!”

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