Terrorstory #42 – Virgin Sacrifice

Land of Fright Terrorstory #42: Virgin SacrificeVirgin Sacrifice

The world is out of balance. A professor of archaeology is determined to set the world right again using the ancient power of the Aztec sacrifice rituals. He embarks on a trip back to the hidden temple he discovered in the jungles of Mexico, bringing along three virgin women…

This horror short story is now available on Amazon.

Virgin Sacrifice is available now on Amazon

Three Virgins

Three virgins were going to accompany him on his trip to Mexico. Professor Ansel Langridge couldn’t believe his good fortune. Three virgin women. He only needed one of them, but bringing along three of them practically assured a positive outcome. Ansel stared at the small Aztec ceremonial knife he held in his hand. He was so close! The plane was leaving tomorrow. Tomorrow! The four-inch blade was made of flint, its hard surface rough with irregular edges, the top edge of the stone hacked into a sharpened point. The blade had a light, grayish-brown color to it, with a darker brown at its sharp edge. The handle was made of cedar wood, covered in a turquoise and shell mosaic that represented the Aztec Eagle Knight, a symbol of power, strength, and courage. He wasn’t certain of the exact age of the sacrificial dagger, but he surmised it was most likely used around 1400 to 1525 CE.

The Aztec way was the only true way. They had the greatest civilization known to mankind — until they stopped following the sacred rituals. That was their downfall. They stopped believing. That was the downfall of every great civilization. They stopped believing in what had made them great in the first place.

Ansel closed his fingers around the hilt of the knife; the handle felt cool in his hand. He believed. He believed in the power of the ancient rituals.

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