Fright Bites™

Fright Bites™ are here!

Fright Bites™ are illustrated versions of the Land of Fright™ stories.

Fright Bite #1 - Whirring Blades Fright Bite #7 - Creature in the Creek Fright Bite #16 - The Grid

Fright Bite #20 - Day of the Hoppers Fright Bite #34 - Road Rage

We are currently working with several different artists to bring you even more cool additions to the Land of Fright™ so check back soon. Check out some of the cool artwork found in the Fright Bites™ below!

Creature in the Creek

from “Creature in the Creek” – written by Jack O’Donnell – illustrated by Jason Greene

Day of the Hoppers

from “Day of the Hoppers” – written by Jack O’Donnell – illustrated by JJ Hernandez


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