Terrorstory #25 – Hitler’s Graveyard

Hitlers Graveyard - Land of Fright #25Hitler’s Graveyard

American soldiers in WWII uncover a nefarious Nazi plan to resurrect their dead heroes so they can rejoin the war.


This horror short story is now available on Amazon.

Hitler's Graveyard available now on Amazon

Welcome Back to the War, Major

The dirt covering the grave moved. Then it moved again, shifting even more. A hand appeared from beneath the dirt, the fingers curling and uncurling as they broke the surface.

Hauptmann Frankel looked on in awe as a dark shape rose up out of the grave before them.

“Welcome back to the war, Major,” Dr. Melange said.

Helena stepped forward and lovingly began wiping away the dirt and blood from the resurrected form of Major Helmut Schossenfiel.


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