Terrorstory #29 – Hammer of Charon

Hammer of Charon - Land of Fright #29Hammer of Charon

In ancient Rome, it is the duty of a special man to make sure gravely wounded gladiators are given a quick death after a gladiator fight. He serves his position quietly with honor. Until they try to take his hammer away from him…

This horror short story is now available on Amazon.

Hammer of Charon is  available now on Amazon

It Had Been An Epic Battle

Dead men lay sprawled everywhere, their limbs in distorted poses that were impossible to make while they were alive. Dark stains of spilled blood splattered the ground where they had fallen, the sand soaking it up eagerly. A gladiator dressed as a Roman centurion sat up against the arena wall to Tiberi’s right, the man’s eyes open and lifeless, a spear protruding from his throat. Around the dead gladiator, half a dozen of the dark-skinned savages lay dead; several severed limbs and two severed heads were sprinkled amongst the dead bodies. That gladiator had died well. He had no need of Tiberi’s services.

But there were others who would need to feel the salvation of his mighty hammer.


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