Terrorstory #30 – Pharaoh’s Cat

Pharaohs Cat - Land of Fright #30Pharaohs’ Cat

In ancient Egypt, the pharaoh is dying. His trusted advisors want his favorite cat to be buried with him. The cat has other plans…

This horror short story is now available on Amazon.

Pharaoh's Cat is  available now on Amazon

He Was Marked For Death

“Pharaoh is dying,” the man in the thick linen robe moaned.

Prance knew what those words meant. He knew what the cold stare of the man in the robes meant. It meant he was marked for death. They would kill him and embalm him and mummify him and lay him to rest next to his master in his tomb. But Prance wasn’t ready to die. He loved Pharaoh more than he ever though he would love a human, but he loved Leoptra and the kittens even more. He had just sired five kittens with the beautiful calico and he wasn’t ready to leave this world. Not yet.



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