Terrorstory #2 – The Big Leagues


The Big Leagues - Land of Fright Terrorstory #2The Big Leagues

A scorned young baseball player shows his teammates he really knows how to play ball with the best of them.


This horror short story is now available on  Amazon.

The Big Leagues available now on Amazon

Just One Hit. That’s All He Wanted.

Suddenly, the umpire stepped forward and slashed Karl’s throat with a straight razor that suddenly appeared in his hand. Karl gurgled once and then collapsed.

“Yer out!” the umpire shrieked.

Aaron startled violently, leaping back away from the horrible scene he just witnessed. “Oh my God…”

All the kids in the dugout started screaming and yelling and shouting and screaming even more. One of the boys wet himself. Josh just sat on the bench, rocking back and forth, blubbering to himself about his mother.

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