Land of Fright Short Horror Stories

Land of Fright Collection I

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Land of Fright™ is a series of stand-alone horror short stories intended for mature audiences. Each Land of Fright™ story is only $0.99 cents (or Free to read if you are in Kindle Unlimited). Land of Fright™ Collections and Land of Fright™ Mega Collections are also available if you are looking for a good value deal.


The Reviews are in for Land of Fright™!

“This is the first story I’ve read by this author and it blew me away! A gripping tale that kept me wondering until the end. Images from this will, I fear, haunt me at unexpected moments for many months to come. Readers, be warned! :)” – Amazon review for Dung Beetles (Land of Fright™ #27)


“Some truly original stories. At last, a great collection of unique and different stories. Whilst this is billed as horror, the author managed to steer away from senseless violence and gratuitous gore and instead with artful story telling inspires you to use your own imagination. A great collection. Already looking for other collections… especially loved Kill the Queen (God Save the Queen).” – Amazon UK review for Land of Fright™ Collection I

Land of Fright Collection II

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“This was a great story. Even though it was short I still connected with the main character and was rooting for her. Once I read the twist I cheered her on. This was an enjoyable short story.” – Amazon review for Snowflakes (Land of Fright™ #3)


“Four stars. Real strange story.” – Amazon UK review for Hitler’s Graveyard (Land of Fright™ #25)


“Loved the twist. A good short story with a hilarious twist. Great lunch time read.” – Amazon review for Trophy Wives (Land of Fright™ #5)


“…a good read. Well-written and
entertaining.” – Amazon review for Special Announcement (Land of Fright™ #11)

Land of Fright Collection III

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“I like the idea of a malevolent dimension that finds a way to reach into our world… this was an entertaining read and can be read at lunch or as a palate cleanser between longer stories.” – Amazon review for Sparklers (Land of Fright™ #15)


“I enjoyed this story… an interesting angle on an unusual topic.” – Amazon AU review for Flipbook (Land of Fright™ #19)

“Pool of light was such a great story. It gave you just enough information to let your mind take over and it was a story you could read on your break. I liked how it wasn’t a typical horror story. Would highly recommend.” – Amazon review for Pool of Light (Land of Fright™ #13)


Land of Fright Collection IV

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“I enjoyed this quite a bit, but then I enjoy anything set in Pompeii. A horror story is a first, though, and well done. I’m become a fan of the author and so far have enjoyed several of his stories.” – Amazon review for Ghosts of Pompeii (Land of Fright™ #14)


“Fantastic science fiction short that has a surprising plot twist, great aliens, cool future tech and occurs in a remote lived-in future mining colony on a distant planet. This short hit all the marks I look for in science fiction stories. The alien creatures are truly alien and attack with a mindless ruthlessness. The desperate colonists defend themselves in a uniquely futuristic way. This work nails the art of the short story. Recommended. – Amazon review for Out of Ink (Land of Fright™ #26)


“Another great story; I’ve become a fan of Mr. O’Donnell. Please keep them coming…” – Amazon review for Sands of the Colosseum (Land of Fright™ #18)

Land of Fright™ Collection V

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“I absolutely loved the heck out of this story, and I’ll admit that sometimes I’ve wondered about those throw away characters. The whole story was bizarre, and the end? Well, it was perfect! Yep, I’d recommend this story and author.” – Amazon review for The Throw-Aways (Land of Fright™ #31)


“A fun thrill-ride into the Mexican jungle, and another great Land of Fright tale.” – Amazon review for Virgin Sacrifice (Land of Fright™ #42)


Land of Fright Collection VI

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“A struggling author finds some unusual notebooks in a thrift store. Her life takes a decidedly dark turn thereafter…More great writing from Jack O’Donnell; I particularly enjoyed this one.” – Amazon review for The Notebook (Land of Fright #36)


“Smog monsters in Beijing? I like it! This short story had a great creep factor, and I may have said “Crikey” a time or two. Just seeing pictures of smog filled cities can fill me with dread, but throw in some genetically engineered crap, and I’m hooked.” – Amazon review for Smog Monsters (Land of Fright #43)


“Another good story from Jack O’Donnell. The description of Blake removing the suit from Robert’s dead body made me cringe, but in a “good” way. As with all Land of Fright stories, it doesn’t end well except for the readers of the series.” – Amazon review for Clothes Make the Man (Land of Fright #38)



The first Land of Fright™ Mega Collection is here!

Mega Collection 1 contains the first 25 horror stories in the Land of Fright™ series in one volume!

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More Reviews for Land of Fright™!

Perfect bite size weirdness. Land of Fright does it again with this Zone like short that has two creative plot twists that really caught me off guard. I know comparing this type of work to the Twilight Zone is overdone but it really is a high compliment that denotes original, well conceived and delightfully weird short fiction. Recommended.” – Amazon review for Flipbook (Land of Fright™ #19)


“An enjoyable story; refreshingly told from the point of view of the cat…definitely good suspense.” – Amazon review for Pharaoh’s Cat (Land of Fright™ #30)


“A harried corporate drone is presented with a bizarre choice when he stumbles onto the beginning of a unbelievable world changing event occurring in a hidden basement floor of his corporate office. This tale had me wondering, what would I do? This short fits right in with the theme of the entertaining and delightfully offbeat Land of Fright series: weird, unexpected, powerful and surreal short fiction. Recommended.”–  Amazon reviews for The Tinies (Land of Fright™ #28)


“This short has a cool premise and was very effective at quickly transporting me to the sands of the coliseum in ancient Rome. The images of dead and dying gladiators are detailed and vivid. There is a malevolent force that very much likes its job and is not about to give it up, ever. Recommended.” – Amazon review for Hammer of Charon (Land of Fright™ #29)

The second Land of Fright™ Mega Collection is here!

Mega Collection 2 contains 25 more horror stories in the Land of Fright™ series in one volume!

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