Terrorstory #10 – God Save the Queen


God Save the Queen - Land of Fright Terrorstory #10God Save the Queen

An exterminator piloting an ant-sized robot comes face to face with the queen of a nest he has been assigned to destroy.


This horror short story is now available on Amazon.

God Save the Queen available now on Amazon

He Felt Like A Ninja. An Ant Ninja.

He immediately released a nest worker pheromone scent and moved Antee deeper into the colony. More ants scurried past him, paying him no heed. The walls of the tunnels the ants had carved out were incredibly smooth. For a brief moment, he paused to admire the craftsmanship of these little creatures, but then continued on deeper into the nest. He had a mission to accomplish. “I feel like a ninja,” he muttered. “An ant ninja.”


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