Terrorstory #17 – The Barn


17 - the barn_300x450The Barn

An empty barn beckons an amateur photographer to step through its dark entrance, whispering promises of a once-in-a-lifetime shoot.


This horror short story is now available on Amazon.

The Barn available now on Amazon

Get The Hell Out Of Here Now

That’s when the barn door slammed shout with a resounding boom. Hee hee. The loud sound felt physical to her, as if it were accompanied by a blanket being yanked down over her. A deep blackness engulfed her. Panic clutched at her thoughts, threatening to overwhelm her. She couldn’t see a damn thing. Get the hell out of here, Kat. Get the hell out of here now.

She heard a shuffling noise behind her, a scurrying of feet in the dirt.


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