Terrorstory #40 – The Demon Who Ate Screams

Land of Fright Terrorstory #40: The Demon Who Ate Screams.The Demon Who Ate Screams

A young martial artist battles a vicious demon who feeds on the tormented screams and dying whimpers of his victims.

This horror short story is now available on Amazon.

The Demon Who Ate Screams is available now on Amazon

Something Bad Always Happens

You may have heard parts of this story before. It begins with a young martial artist forsaking violence for a peaceful way of life. He has a hot temper, and this always seems to get him into trouble, so the young man goes to the temple to study under the wise monks to learn their simple ways, and to learn how to keep his anger under control. The young man continues to train in the martial arts, of course, as that is part of his holy life. He uses kung fu to keep his body as fit as his mind. He struggles to remain chaste and pure, doing his best to ignore the sweet advances of a young woman he sees in the village on his rare visits into town (but fails — several times).

As you are probably aware of the tragic plights that befall most of these young men, then you know something always happens to rip the young martial artist out of his peaceful life. Always. Either his sister gets murdered, or a monster made of straw nearly decapitates him, or the village he grew up in gets destroyed, or a one-eyed dragon stalks him, or an ancient warrior made of stone attacks him, or a demon torments him, or his brother monks in the temple get slaughtered, or a skeleton army assaults him, or an entire school burns down with the children still inside. Something bad always happens to rip the young martial artist away from his idyllic life in the temple, forcing him to embrace the violent creature that exists deep inside himself.

Usually, though, not all of those horrific things happen to the same guy. Except this time they did.


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