Terrorstory #36 – The Notebook

Land of Fright Terrorstory #36: The Notebook.The Notebook

An enchanted notebook helps a floundering author finish her story. But the unnatural fuel that stokes the power of the mysterious writing journal leads her down a dark and disturbing path…

This horror short story is now available on Amazon.

The Notebook is available now on Amazon

Written In Blood

Marla opened the notebook and stared. She had a hard time believing what she saw in the leather-bound journal. There were words on the page. Words she didn’t remember writing. Words she knew she had not written. Because they were written in blood.

She slapped the notebook shut and immediately pushed it off her lap, standing up quickly to get away from it. What the hell? She stared down at the notebook sitting on the carpet, feeling her heart pounding in her chest. The notebook lay motionless on the floor. She half-expected it to growl at her like it was some possessed creature, but it wasn’t making any noise. It wasn’t moving. It wasn’t slithering across the floor. It just sat there.

Waiting for her to pick it back up.


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