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I’ve always loved books. Some of my fondest memories are riding my bike up to the local paperback exchange store and combing through the shelves for something new to read. It was there I discovered Andre Norton, Robert Ludlum, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Isaac Asimov, the Executioner series by Don Pendleton, Tolkien, Ira Levin, Elmore Leonard, and of course Stephen King. There are dozens, if not hundreds of authors that I discovered there, but those are the ones that always come top of mind.

I still distinctly remember finding a copy of Stephen King’s Skeleton Crew collection on the bottom shelf, right near the Shining and Dead Zone. I snatched that sucker up and raced home to absorb it into my brain.

Speaking of Stephen King, I am proud to say that I met him once. I co-wrote and co-produced a movie based on his short story The Night Flier. Mark Pavia directed and we both share screenplay credits. We met him in New York and pitched our script ideas for The Night Flier. Mr. King was very generous and very supportive of some of the new ideas we brought to his story. He graciously allowed the project to proceed and the movie was born. You can check out more information on IMDB – The Night Flier on IMDB.

We got close to making several other movies, but those never came to fruition, so that ended that. Life intervened. Bills had to paid. Children needed to be raised. Time passed. Now that my children are older, I’ve decided to jump back into the world I love the most. Books. Okay, it’s ebooks, but hey, it’s still books.

I created Land of Fright™ simply because I wanted to create a series of horror short stories that allowed me to write all kinds of different stories but would still give them a cohesive whole. I’ve always loved quick short stories that had a punch, so I’m taking a crack at writing some of my own. I hope you enjoy the tales and keep returning to visit the Land of Fright™ to get your story fix. Skellie will be waiting for you.

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