Land of Fright™ Collection III is a new collection of short horror stories

Land of Fright Collection III

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This is the third collection in the Land of Fright™ series of short horror stories. Get Land of Fright™ Collection III on Amazon here.

Land of Fright™ Collection III includes these ten horror stories:

#21 – The Prospector: In the 1800’s, a lonely prospector finds the body parts of a woman as he pans for gold in the wilds of California.

#22 – The Boy In The Yearbook: Two middle-aged women are tormented by a mysterious photograph in their high school yearbook.

#23 – Shot Glass: A man discovers the shot glasses in his great-grandfather’s collection can do much more than just hold a mouthful of liquor.

#24 – The Champion: An actor in a medieval renaissance re-enactment show becomes the unbeatable champion he has longed to be.

#25 – Hitler’s Graveyard: American soldiers in WWII uncover a nefarious Nazi plan to resurrect their dead heroes so they can rejoin the war.

#26 – Out of Ink: Colonists on a remote planet resort to desperate measures to ward off an attack from wild alien animals.

#27 – Dung Beetles: Mutant dung beetles attack a family on a remote Pennsylvania highway. Yes, it’s as disgusting as it sounds.

#28 – The Tinies: A beleaguered office worker encounters a strange alien armada in the sub-basement of his office building.

#29 – Hammer of Charon: In ancient Rome, it is the duty of a special man to make sure gravely wounded gladiators are given a quick death after a gladiator fight. He serves his position quietly with honor. Until they try to take his hammer away from him…

#30 – Pharaoh’s Cat: In ancient Egypt, the pharaoh is dying. His trusted advisors want his favorite cat to be buried with him. The cat has other plans…

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